Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Structural Strength

The aluminum honeycomb panel is made up of two tables of aluminum and aluminum honeycomb cores filled with honeycomb intermediate layers used to ensure that the two panels are together together.

Table can use different materials: When the two panels are aluminum or steel, called aluminum honeycomb panels or steel honeycomb panels.

The design of the honeycomb structure is the equivalent of the wing of the I-beam, which is mainly subjected to the normal stress. The middle honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the I-beam. It is mainly subjected to shear stress. The structure of the two panels is large, with a large cross-section moment of inertia, so the stiffness is good, the bending strength is large; the middle sandwich layer is bionic in the natural honeycomb structure, the material used is small, but the shear strength is large and the stability is good; And honeycomb intermediate layer optimization combination, making the honeycomb panel with light weight, strength, good stiffness and so on. Panel and honeycomb selection appropriate, but also get a good earthquake, heat insulation, noise and other properties, made of fire honeycomb panels, thermal insulation honeycomb panels, soundproof honeycomb panels.

As a result of the above advantages, honeycomb panels in the aviation, aerospace sector took the lead in the use, followed by decoration, curtain wall, roof, floor and other construction areas, cars, trains, ships, light rail, subway, elevators and other industrial sectors widely used, and whiteboard industry applications The 1, plate flatness high

2, easy to install

3, the board light weight, high strength

4, can achieve large pieces of the plate

5, honeycomb core material to help the insulation effect of space

6, rich colors and surface treatment to choose from aluminum honeycomb panel decorative panels of the general selection of materials such as 3003,5005 grade, alloy composition of less 1100 sheet less used. Decorative surface with spray or roller coating form, the coating is polyester or fluorocarbon paint, the outer wall of the best choice of spray board, and requires more than three coating, paint layer thickness ≥ 40μm, so as to ensure the durability of the coating. Aluminum panels must undergo a rigorous surface anodization prior to painting to ensure adequate coating adhesion and adhesion to the honeycomb core. The panel coating should meet the requirements of the national specification YS / T429.2-2000.

Aluminum honeycomb board to do the advantages and characteristics of partition: 1, light weight, the worst of the marble composite panel can be only 5mm thick, which is limited to the size of the building case it is the best choice.

2, increased strength, greatly reducing the transport, installation, use the process of damage rate.

3, anti-pollution ability.

4, easier to control the color, easier to ensure that a large area of use, the color and pattern of consistency.

5, easy installation, greatly improving the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduces the installation costs.

6, noise, moisture, break the restricted area, with noise, moisture, heat, cold performance.

7, energy saving, consumption, after installation in the indoor and outdoor can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat.