Punching Aluminum Solid Panel Characteristics And Uses

Aluminum veneer is a new type of building decoration materials, many colors, good performance, more and more widely used. Punching aluminum veneer is a kind of aluminum veneer, it is also used more in life. Here we understand the punching aluminum veneer features and uses to facilitate the use of it in our daily life.

Punching aluminum veneer is ordinary aluminum veneer before fluorocarbon spraying according to customer requirements and the actual project, the use of a variety of CNC equipment in its processing of various shapes on the perforation, and finally formed by fluorocarbon aluminum veneer . As one of the many aluminum veneer products, it is individual, stylish and easy to create a strong atmosphere of artistic atmosphere, many advantages.

Punching aluminum veneer in addition to the advantages of ordinary aluminum veneer, there are a variety of perforation, so it is relative to other types of light aluminum veneer lighter; it not only handsome in appearance, but also have high temperature, corrosion-resistant , Fire, moisture-proof advantages; perforation can help building exhaust, as well as sound-absorbing effect; a variety of holes and different arrangement, making it handsome in appearance, decorative effect is very good.

At present, perforated aluminum veneer is widely used in the construction of curtain wall, interior decoration, lobby facade, indoor special-shaped ceiling, bridge corridor, canopy airport, station, hospital conference hall, opera house, stadium, column beam, balcony, Baoguang, advertising signs, vehicles, furniture, booths, equipment shell, subway, marine tools and other fields, creating a beautiful fashion, full of personalized style, widely loved by people.

Know the characteristics of punching aluminum veneer in order to better use it. The above is the punching aluminum veneer features and uses, it will bring more architectural personality, stylish appearance, to provide more possibilities for the construction.