Aluminum Solid Panel Curtain Wall Maintenance

How to protect the use of aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall life is relatively long, so at this time the need for some protection of the wall, in order to make aluminum veneer curtain wall for a long time to show the beauty of the building, Security, aluminum veneer curtain wall protection is ultimately, aluminum veneer curtain wall has excellent self-cleaning, and anti-corrosion, so do not need long-term protection, but also can not be ignored.

(1) aluminum veneer curtain wall during the warranty period arranged by the supplier to view regularly, visit, found that the quality of timely removal.

(2) tape and plastic injection at any time check, if found aluminum veneer curtain wall fall or damaged timely replacement or repair. At present, most of the domestic use of domestic silicone rubber and silicone rubber imports, and the need to pass the national designated testing unit compatibility test before use. Pay attention to repair must wait for its complete curing (24h) before proceeding.

(3) regular cleaning with gondola.

(4) aluminum veneer facade repair: some damage or scratch repair paint