Shaping The Next Generation Of Architects

Architecture, as a shelter by humans from wind and rain, provides us with a life of peace and contentment. The famous Russian writer Gogol wrote a famous saying: “Architecture is a monument of the era”, which shows that different architectural styles mark the politics, culture, and ideology development of a country in a certain historical period.

China is the main representative of the Oriental architectural style, with a long history and a strong cultural atmosphere. The Oriental people have built various types of buildings with the diligent and intelligent hands.

Under the influence of splendid Chinese civilization, Chinese architecture has formed a unique style and characteristics. With Chinese traditional culture as the soul, architecture and natural environment are coordinated to form a perfect natural landscape map. From every corner of the design all shows the Chinese unique understanding of art and environment.

Traditional architectural doors and windows are fastidious, the windows with the gap between the window and the empty window, forming a real contrast between light and dark, rich and colorful. Doors are mostly wooden, framed, window paper, white or floral patterns, so Chinese people have a deep understanding of windows and doors.

Now, the architectural styles are all beautiful and varied. As a decorative material commonly used in exterior wall building decoration industry, aluminum veneer has gradually become a strong member, and is particularly widely used in the field of indoor and outdoor curtain walls. For example: The use of aluminum plate, can be widely used, Metro Station, Tunnel, Public Facility, Bus Station Platform, Villa, Tall Building.

The false suspended ceilings in shanhe building material shapes from square, wide board to grid, from arcs shaped and hyperbolic to customizations. It’s material is aluminum alloy. The only limitation is your imagination.