Wood-based panels and building materials will become the most commonly used materials in the future

In the decoration and decoration industry, man-made board is the most basic material. The development of wood-based board industry is conducive to alleviating the contradiction between wood supply and demand, and is an important way to save wood resources. However, the use of man-made board raw materials for the production of wooden furniture, cabinets, floors, wooden doors and windows and other decoration materials often have the problem of excessive formaldehyde, affect human health and environmental quality.

On May 1st, 2018, the new national standard “Formaldehyde release limit for interior decoration materials made from wood-based panels and their products” was formally implemented, requiring production companies to introduce advanced technologies, improve production processes, improve the quality of wood-based panel products, and reduce formaldehyde content. A breakthrough of “aldehyde-free” breakthrough.

With the upgrading of quality consumption, people pay more and more attention to the environmental health of the home environment. Today, the increasing market share of artificial plates has also created the panic of “aldehyde”. Whether it is for furniture made of artificial plates, flooring, or wooden doors, the factor that people most care about and think about most is whether their formaldehyde content exceeds the limit and whether there are health risks. The “quality inspection and sword-sharing” triggered by the field of wood-based panels will become the focus of the industry and consumers.

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