Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Workmanship Details

Aluminum veneer is a single-layer product, processing is relatively simple, modeling ability, but poor accuracy; honeycomb panels for composite products, processing speed and ability is weak, but the accuracy is guaranteed. Compared with aluminum veneer: the maximum honeycomb aluminum plate surface can be done 1500mm × 4500mm, because the plate itself is a composite material, the internal aluminum honeycomb for the plate itself to provide their own body weight to ensure that the plate itself does not need to add any Stiffener.

Ordinary aluminum veneer in the width of more than 1m or more than 2m in length when the plate must be added behind the stiffener. The stiffener needs to be welded to the back of the plate because the coefficients of thermal expansion of the stiffener and the plate itself are not the same. After several changes in heat and cold, the front of the plate will be uneven. And this phenomenon usually begins half a year to one year after the completion of the project.

Box honeycomb aluminum plate is used in the deduction system, a plastic seam exposed and hidden seam two systems to choose from, the system fully take into account the impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the board itself, the board in all four directions are free Retractable, effectively avoiding the thermal stress on the flatness of the board.

Ordinary single-layer aluminum only glue exposed system, and the installation is fixed on the keel with the installation code, there is no suitable space to release temperature stress, resulting in easy warping of the board. Honeycomb panels for the composite board, with light weight, high strength, good flatness, large board, easy installation, easy maintenance, good environmental protection, reusable, anti-thermal expansion and contraction performance advantages.

Aluminum veneer is an ordinary non-composite sheet, which does not have the above advantages compared with honeycomb panels, but in comparison, 3MM-thick aluminum veneers are typically 15-20% less expensive than 25MM honeycomb panels. Because of self-respect and forming reasons, less use of 4MM thick aluminum veneer construction, and the thickness of the aluminum veneer products and honeycomb panel product difference of only about 5%.

Stone aluminum honeycomb panels in the production process of the panel and the backplane, you need to fold the edge of the plate up, the traditional process using the folding plate machine, because of one-time rapid fracture, the metal in the internal stress, and will be The formation of microscopic internal damage to the metal, affecting the life of the metal. The roll forming technology is the use of ten rollers, and gradually set the edge of the plate folded to the preset angle, and gradually formed to ensure the release of internal stress, and the destruction of the metal itself dropped to a minimum.

Stone aluminum honeycomb plate in the aluminum coil coating color will be attached to the above technology, coating adhesion, durability, color uniformity, with the basic batch of products without any color.