The Effect Of Pattern Aluminum Plate Washing

  The role of decorative pattern aluminum plate washing, decorative pattern aluminum plate is a commodity with a high degree of expectation. The application of washing in the process of application may play a good role in recuperation and extension of application life. Different washing methods bring different functions.

The effect of pattern aluminum plate washing

One, chemical polishing water, in order to wash off the appearance of the pattern of the chemical preparation of aluminum plate, choose the use of sports water, to prevent the exposure of the adhesive preparation without washing clean.

Second, after removing the oil, wash the water to eliminate the appearance of the pattern aluminum plate oil, although reduce the impact of oil oil on the appearance of the goods.

Third, the washing after neutralization, for some preparations contained in God, the demand drops some erosion preparations on the performance of decorative pattern aluminum plate.

        For the erosion of decorative aluminum plate appearance, the impact of different erosion methods is not the same, but if the erosion of impurity will bring important commodity erosion, so for a erosion reduction can not be ignored.