Attention should be paid when choosing decorative aluminum plates

1. Processing:

    The decorative aluminum plate produced by dachang shall be standardized with exquisite materials, bright and clean surface, clear and regular pattern, flat aluminum plate, and no oil, scratches, and breaks in appearance. And small factory production pattern aluminum plate, with waste aluminum as data, bleak appearance, pattern is not clear, not neat, plate surface is not flat, unqualified function, poor quality.

2. Thickness:

     The thickness, strength and oxide film thickness of the selected plate of the pattern aluminum plate should conform to the national standard: aluminum plate thickness ≥1.2mm, tensile strength ≥157 n/m2, yield strength ≥108 n/m2, and oxide film thickness ≥10 micron. If do not reach specification, it is residual decorative pattern aluminium plate.